Vincent Kompany Nets an Absolute Firecracker against Leicester

Down two points to Liverpool before the last weekend of the EPL season, Manchester City desperately needed a goal to break their gridlock with Leicester. Who do they turn to? The tried and true striker Sergio Aguero? No, he had been relatively contained all game. Sometimes, to win a game, you need a spark from anyone or anything. They got their’s from the captain of the last 30 years (give or take) Vincent Kompany. He pulled up from 25 yards and put it in the top corner. Safe to say, this was an absolute firecracker. Watch:

Yes. The goal is absolutely better with the astounded Englishman in the background respectfully losing his mind. Still need to show some decorum to the beautiful game. “He must have a foot like a traction engine.” That sounds made up, but I don’t know enough about engines to refute it. Personally, I’ve been ripping these in FIFA since 2010 with Kompany and my reaction to actually hitting one of these would have been 10000x more ridiculous.

Author: Wic

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