Same Old Reds

Well, it’s time. It’s time to actually start worrying about the Cincinnati Reds and their quest to the 2019 playoffs. Folks… it’s not looking good. These past four games are what distinguish good and bad teams and we learned that the Reds may be bad.

In every single game this weekend, the Reds held a HUGE lead. But yet they continued to be the old Reds and blew 2 of those games… including a game where they led by over 7 runs. I get the Reds are trying to bring in new talent as well as fix/get rid of current talent, but there is no reason this team did not sweep the Giants and I fear it may be the beginning of the end of our hopes for the year. But I’ll give them this week against Oakland and San Francisco to change things, otherwise it is over. These are must have games for the Reds, against 2 inferior opponents. But we’ll see.

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Other than disappointing game results, there were a few good things that happened this weekend. First off, Nick Senzel is the real deal. Having him has provided an offensive spark and it has been fun so far. Three home runs in your first 4 games isn’t so bad. Another thing that I feel that I need to mention is how much I love Derek Dietrich. Dude is a national treasure with the painted on mustache during Sunday’s game and then today he puts on a “Ghostbusters” inspired outfit to fight the bees at the stadium. Lastly, with VanMeter called up and Schebler sent down, this Reds team is younger than before. VanMeter will give the Reds infield a boost and hopefully we get to see Senzel, Dietrich, and VanMeter play together because they provide the energy needed.

PS…if we come back from the West with a losing record, they need to consider cutting ties with Votto. Dude has not preformed, hitting only .216 with 34 strikeouts already. I know how Votto is adored and I love for all he has done for Cincinnati… but this team can make the playoffs. They can’t be drug down by an old, dare I say (starting to look) washed up player. Dietrich or VanMeter can play 1st…trade or sit Joey. Obviously I hope he can turn it around, but we sent Schebler down for the same reason. Joey gets a longer chance because of everything he has done for Cincinnati, but at what point do we start having this discussion? I say soon if he can’t turn it around this week…

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