Jesse Winker Owns the Mets and Citi Field

Jesse Winker owning anything is never something I ever thought I would say when I became a Reds fan. But after the Reds last series with the New York Mets, it is safe to say that this guy is the king of Citi Field. Say what you will about his performance, but he was having the time of his life and letting any and all Mets fans know it.

Winker has turned into a big time 2 outs in the ninth inning kind of clutch. Big time plays when Cincinnati needs him the most. Game 1 of the series Winker hit the game winning home run. Not only did he win the game for the Reds, he also had to rub every Mets fans face in it as soon as the game was over. Watch:

Something I love more than anything about sports is when the players interact with the fans. They are there for an experience and positive or negative, Jesse Winker gives it to them. Regardless of how he played for the rest of the series, he was living rent free in the heads of Mets fans for the rest of the series. He grabbed some more real estate with another ninth inning heroic play.

Game winning sliding catch. Another wave to the crowd and he is now public enemy number 1 in Citi Field. Imagine going 2-2 in a series and not being able to go 4-0 because of a dude named Jesse.

But of course, it had to come full circle.

And again when he was ejected today…

Author: Wic

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