Can Somebody PLEASE Make Sure Austin Rivers’ Face Is Okay?

Aside from the Warriors, obviously, the Rockets are becoming one of the most unlikeable teams in the NBA Playoffs. James Harden is literally trying to trick the refs into giving him a foul call on every shot, Chris Paul looks ready to hand out naps every time a call doesn’t go his way and now Austin Rivers is getting himself into the flopping game. All while begging for a fair game.

Austin Rivers has had some all time flops this series. What can we say, he’s learned from the best. Just one tip to Rivers even though I know he will never read this. Take a note from soccer players, you’re more likely to get the call you want if you hold the part of your body that was actually touched.

Okay, this was absolutely a moving screen, but I think it is negated by the horrible flop. He looks like when Chad Johnson tried to block Ray Lewis. I hope his face is okay after being hit in the chest so hard.

Come on, man. This one came right out of LeBron James Harden’s playbook. Lose the ball or have an unforced error? Go down and pretend like someone hit you. Watch the video as slow as you possibly can. No one touches his face.

Author: Wic

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