Vince Carter Is Back and We Still Can’t Get Rid of Carmelo Anthony

Up until this year, there were three things that we could count on every season in the NBA: LeBron in the finals, Vince Carter still somehow being able to move and no team wanting Carmelo Anthony. This year, well, two of the three are still true. Vince Carter announced on Kent Bazemore’s podcast (I swear, literally everyone has one now) that he is coming back for a 22nd NBA Season. This guy has been in the NBA for as long as I could walk and he shows no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile, Melo remains unemployed and nowhere near an NBA roster. Carmelo Anthony is rebranding himself though. Instead of the “Hoodie Melo” we all came to get way too excited about, he is now “Beanie Melo” and we should all overact again. He’s still got it.

Like Melo, Vince Carter has yet to sign a deal with a team for next season. If the Hawks were smart, they would sign him to another one year deal. Regardless of how much productivity he would bring, he still puts asses in seats. Personally, I am willing to spend an amount of money my accounting degree (humble brags only) calls “wait, why?” to see him play. If there is one thing most NBA fans could agree on, it is that we need to see Vince Carter go back to Toronto for one last season with the Raptors.

As for Melo, he needs to take a page out of Jimmer’s playbook and go tear apart China for a year or two. Either that or sign with the Knicks because they cannot possibly get any worse.

Author: Wic

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