Morning Juice, Senzel Time

Welcome back to another Morning Juice where I give you 6 easy locks for the night in MLB. Currently, I sit at 11-5 which is 69% so we’re back and better than ever. In personal news, I will be graduating on Friday so these may become more of a daily thing or may decide to turn it into a 10 minute podcast a day… we’ll see but there will be more freedom with school ending. As for me, I may be moving to Arizona to pursue an amazing opportunity, so with that comes more coverage of the Diamondbacks as well. I’m due for a sweep, so let’s get to it.

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New York Yankees @ Arizona Diamonbacks

First off, congratulations to CC 3K. Last night the big lefty reached this historic milestone in the Yankees’ win. As for the Yankees, still sort of the same old, same old. Injuries knocking out their top stars while their top prospects prove they need to be in the big leagues. This is kind of a best case scenario for the Yanks, where half their team is hurt but the reserves and prospects are showing why the Yankees have the best farm system and that just has to piss off everyone. As for the D-Backs, they have been sort of a surprise. I said they’d finish decent but not in the playoffs but if they continue their surge, plans may change. They got rid of their best player, Goldschmidt, but seem to be coping with it well. For today, we have Tanaka (2-2 3.60 ERA) vs Kelly (2-2 3.94 ERA). Both of these pitchers can turn it on and be lights out so it may turn into a pitching battle. But with the way the Yankees have been swinging the bat, give me Yankees 7-4. Take New York -1.5 and the over 8.

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Oakland Athletics @ Boston Red Sox

These two teams were in my preseason playoffs, but things may have changed along the way. Both of these teams have been disappointments so far but at least Boston is surging in the right way. The Red Sox have won one series this whole year, but could get their first sweep tonight. They have secured their second series win, but they look for their first sweep this evening. Tonight we have Fiers (2-2 7.03 ERA) vs Velazquez (0-2 3.86 ERA) and it seems to be leaning towards an offensive battle here, maybe first team to 10. The way it has been going recently, give me Boston 9-5. Boston -1.5 and the over 8.5

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Cincinnati Reds @ New York Mets

This has turned into quite a good series. The Reds took the first one 5-4 and made a comeback last night to ultimately lose in extras. With two more games to go, the Reds need to strike tonight. With their top prospect, Nick Senzel, expected to join the team in Cincinnati this week, the Reds need to end this series on a high. It is the New York Mets, you can win the final two and come home to an instant impact in Senzel. Good for him. Now, let’s get Scooter and we’ll be good to go. Back to the game, tonight we have DeSclafani (1-1 4.26 ERA) vs deGrom (2-3 4.85 ERA). This matchup alone should interest you in the game and I think it will be a pitching battle all game long. The winner of this game, is the one who strikes first. You have to get to deGrom early, otherwise you won’t score. DeSclafani is coming off his best outing of the year with tons to build on, so give me the Reds 4-1. Give me Cincinnati +1.5 and the under 7.

With Senzel getting called up, the Reds now have everyone they need minus Scooter. We’re getting closer to the team we expected to play and they’re clicking at the right time. Now we just need a huge series victory to pull us through. Let’s go Reds.

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