Tennessee Lets Down the Entire SEC Yet Again

Tennessee is the single most disappointing team in the Southeastern Conference. This past year in basketball, Tennessee won the SEC regular season and entered the NCAA Tournament as a 2 seed. Literally never had the possibility of playing a higher ranked team until at least the Elite 8 and still lost in the Sweet 16. The best team in the SEC and the best team Tennessee ever had could handle any kind of pressure. Leaving the SEC’s chances of a title in the hands of Auburn.

Just a month later they let us all down again. This time, at the NFL Draft.

For the 13th straight year, the SEC had the most selections in the draft. All but one school had a player selected. So who dropped the ball? Kentucky? Usually yes, but not this time. Vanderbilt? Nope. Tennessee once again disappointed the entire conference by not having a single player drafted.

But what did we expect? Tennessee finished last in the SEC East and have been having a serious fall from grace ever since they let a wide receiver from Kentucky out quarterback Tyler Bray.

Image result for matt roark quarterback

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