Good Morning from Vince Carter Posterizing the Entire Country of France

This was not just a dunk. It was a man begging to start an international incident. In the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Vince Carter truly became legend by dunking on a 7’2″ Frederic Weis. But not only did he dunk on him and bring shame to his entire family, he jumped over him completely clearing his head. Watch the greatest dunk of all time:

The IOC may have blocked it from display on this website, but there should be a link to watch in on YouTube.

Couldn’t find a video of decent quality that was in English, but with my limited French knowledge, I will try to translate. The announcers said, “HOLY SHIT IS THAT LEGAL?! ARE YOU ALLOWED TO TEABAG A FULL GROWN MAN AND DUNK ON HIM IN THE SAME PLAY?!” Rough translation, I know.

Watch after the dunk too. The very excited Vince Carter fistpumps as he lands and punches Kevin Garnett square in the jaw. Never thought I would live to see the day that KG took a punch from anyone, but I too would shake off an accident if I just witnessed greatness.

Author: Wic

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