Michael Jordan Wouldn’t Miss a Shot Even If It Meant Hundreds of Campers Got Free Shoes

If I had to pick one 55 year old to make 6 straight baskets to win me a free pair of Air Force One’s, I would select His Airness himself, Michael Jordan. Sadly, this situation could not be applied to hundreds of Jordan basketball campers in the summer of 2016.

Chris Paul was running the show when MJ decided to make a surprise appearance on the final day of the camp. Hundreds of campers stared in awe of the chosen one that saved us all from the aliens of Moron Mountain. Little did they know, he would be public enemy number one in a matter of minutes. CP3 said it was time for a little bet. If MJ misses 3 of 6 shots, then he has to give a pair of his Jordan Brand shoes to each kid at the camp.

Jordan accepts the challenge. Here is what happened.

Cold. Blooded. Anyone else would have stopped after 4 made shots. There is no possibility that he could have missed 3 at that point. Not MJ though. The competitor inside him that will never die wanted to let each and every 10 year old there know that they never had a chance at shoes.

Let’s go double or nothing, MJ thought. He then lets Chris Paul shoot the same 6 shots. If he matches, then the kids get shoes. Here is how CP3 did:

Oof… 5/6. For some reason, I believe that Mike knew this would happen. Get almost all the way there and miss the last show. Chris Paul can’t even close after 6 games for the kids…

Last chance for shoes. Derek Fischer steps up. Here is how he disappointed:

Missed the first shot. You can tell in some of the kids’ faces that they never believed in him anyway.

Regardless of if kids got their hopes up just to be let down, this was a baller move by Jordan. Welcome to the real world, junior.

Author: Wic

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