Confirmed: Kentucky Does Not Cheat

In the time of NCAA trials and more and more leaks daily, there is one thing that has always left me befuddled. My thinking is that if Kansas, UNC, Duke, and Arizona are all tied into this FBI Scandal, then it is a matter of time before Kentucky, right? Wrong. According to an Merl Code, an attorney and ex-Clemson star charged in the wiring of money in the FBI/NCAA scandal, “if I let my kid go to Kentucky, I promise you I won’t get him back.”

This has to be a good sign for Cats fans everywhere. He claims that once they go to Kentucky, their deal would not hold up so he encouraged players not to go there. He says that once they’re at Kentucky, Cal and his staff take over and handle absolutely everything about the NBA Process and will not let players talk to anyone other than family about it.

I’ll say this, we know nothing about anything or anyone. We have no idea if they are telling a lie or the truth. What we do know, Kentucky has yet to be named and this makes sense. Cal has had his issues in the past, but at Kentucky he has been clean. The program speaks for itself and this disgruntled agent saying this, just proves that.


Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for

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