LeBron’s Got Something to Say to the ESPN Writers Jumping to Conclusions

Jesus, I can hear this picture.

Just as expected. Even with LeBron James out of the playoffs, ESPN is still going to talk about him nonstop. And with more and more dominoes falling in the Lakers organization everyday, there is never a deficiency in things to write about. But somehow, the capital J journalists of the world seem to always relate everything back to LeBron instead of reporting real stories.

Today, Dave McMenamin decided it was high time to start the rumor that the relationship between LeBron and the Lakers has deteriorated. Based on nothing, I might add. Lebron himself shuts the rumor down right away by posting a video from the Lakers facility.

If you can’t read the bottom line on the screen or LeBron’s voice is so annoying you had to turn the video off, it reads, “Dave McMenamin says Lakers have a lot of work to do to repair relationship with LeBron.” LeBron just showed that ESPN will make up whatever they want about him because they know it will get clicks.

We finally get a much needed break from LeBron dominating the Playoffs. Can we not have a break from him dominating headlines too? It just gets exhausting. We have heard the same name everyday for 14 years straigh. Is it not getting boring for them too?

I’m just a lowercase b blogger after all, so what do I know.


Author: Wic

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