NCAA Football Scandal

On Monday, a second trial began on the FBI Basketball scandal. Of course it involves Adidas and Dawkins, but they shed some more light that the previous trial did not even uncover.

Look, everyone knows people do sketchy things… especially coaches. Sean Miller, Bill Self, and Will Wade have all gotten off scot-free so far and this trial proves to do nothing else. But our great friend Marty Blazer, a prosecution witness, just opened the trial to new heights. Blazer is a financial advisor who tried everything to cover up his losses but then agreed to be an FBI rat essentially because they caught him. Anyway, when he worked with the FBI he then began working with coaches, families, players, etc. This is where it gets interesting. Marty then admitted to paying players “several hundreds or thousands” of dollars and then he listed the names…”Alabama, Pittsburgh, Penn St, Michigan, Notre Dame, North Carolina.”

Image result for hakeem nicks unc

He went on to talk about what happened and how he did it, but another alarming thing was he testified that in 2009 he had an NFL player whose dad was an assistant at Penn St (Larry Johnson Sr). He claimed he paid a player 10,000 dollars to stay at PSU instead of going pro because of that coach, so he paid. Ultimately the player, Aaron Maybin, went pro and repaid the money. He claims he never paid a coach directly but says he paid a player at UNC which is alluded to Hakeem Nicks.

Look, this is all hearsay at this point. We do not know the truth and probably never will. But this shines a light on it. We all thought it was just basketball, but clearly there is something more here. Here’s hoping this leads to Kentucky somehow being crowned the 2018 College Football Playoff Winner due to sanctions. We’ll keep you up to date as the story develops.

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