Ezekiel Elliott Got FAT

Zeke is a thick boi

What an absolute unit

He c h o n k

Look at the size of this dude


other internetisms

If you haven’t seen Zeke Elliott this offseason, something may be up with your eyesight, because this dude is hard to miss. This guy, who is the only reason I didn’t have to go on a date with a blow up doll as a fantasy football punishment, makes me really glad I am not in a keeper league. Look at this recent picture of him with Von Miller and a third guy:

If you couldn’t already tell from the fattest guy in the photo, Zeke is the nutty professor looking dude on the left.

Now, I am not the first person to notice this and I certainly won’t be the last. But, these updates on his weight have not gone unnoticed by Zeke. He made a video weighing himself that was supposed to silence the haters.

Only problem with the “hater-silencing” video is that that is the opposite of what this website does. First, how do we know that he didn’t step off the scale and let a skinnier person get on? Next, 230 pounds is still considered obese, not overweight, by the Alabama department of health. That’s right, Alabama. The home of fat people says that Zeke Elliott is still obese.

And if he really wants to put some of the fat rumors to rest, he should probably stop guzzling popcorn with Dak Prescott at hockey games. Bad visual.

Image result for zeke elliott at hockey game

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