Dream Match on Raw

Former 2-time WWE Champion AJ Styles was moved to Raw during the Superstar Shakeup last week. It was a big move then, but it was expected due to the failing ratings of Raw. In 2016, AJ said his “dream opponent” would be Seth Rollins and he practically begged Vince to give him his match. Well, last night we had the build up.

Seth and Triple H opened up the show with an explanation on how Rollins would get his next opponent and it was announced it would be 2 seperate Triple Threat matches and the winners would then take on the other to set up a match with Rollins at Money in the Bank. AJ won the first one while Baron Corbin won the second… then AJ won between them. Personally, this was a great idea. AJ Styles is one of the most beloved wrestlers out there right now but he’s coming off an injury from his match against Orton at Wrestlemania. Seth has also been injured recently so this match may not be everything we dreamed of, but at least we’re getting it.

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AJ is not going to win the title at Money in the Bank… sorry if I ruined that for you. Seth will walk out as champion and he will be for awhile. But this match is 3 weeks away. If WWE is smart, they do not let Seth or AJ fight major matches during the next few Monday’s. Let them build up their match and then be able to give 100% because if that happens, it could easily be the match of the year. Two incredible talents and both people make the person they are fighting better as well. It could be an instant classic and I am here for a long time feud between the two.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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