Russell Wilson’s New Cornrows Brings Some Bigger Questions about Ciara

Russell Wilson just got PAID. Signing the largest contract in NFL history, Wilson will bring home $140 million over the next 4 years along with a lucrative $65 million signing bonus. Some say the money is already changing him, some say Ciara is still running the relationship, but there may be something else going on. This new hairstyle Ciara gave Russ could be a sign of something much larger.

Maybe Ciara is spiraling now that she is not the most successful person in the relationship. According to the Google machine, Ciara’s net worth is a mere $20 million. Russ just made more than triple that by signing a piece of paper. Gotta wonder if something bigger is going on. She may want to go back to when she was easily the most important person in the couple. Maybe back when she dated someone with a now similar hairstyle.

Image result for bow wow

She’s not hung up on Future, she’s clearly still hung up on the legend of Calvin Cambridge himself. That’s right Bow Wow is the one that got away. Imagine how good Ciara felt knowing she was exponentially more important that her boyfriend. Sorry, I can’t keep joking about that. No one wants Bow Wow. It is beginning to look like Ciara has a type though.

Say what you will about Russell Wilson versus Bow Wow, but at least Calvin Cambridge gave the ball to the right person 3 feet away from the goal.

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