Jared Dudley: The Hero We Don’t Deserve

Much like Batman is to the city of Gotham, so to is Jared Dudley to the city of Brooklyn. Coming in as a slightly worthless player on Phoenix, Jared Dudley has made himself the heart and soul of this Brooklyn team. If it wasn’t for the fact Magic Johnson called out D-Lo for not being a leader, and Russell’s meteoric rise to contest that, I would think Jared has assumed the leadership mantel for the entire team. However, being the vet should suffice alone for him, but I am not sure he will accept just that…

NBA Meme Gang has bestowed the honorary title of Night King to Sir Jared of the Dudleys, and it was a title earned through many trials. He first called All-Star Ben Simmons average, which is something you apparently can’t do with someone’s family jewels (or half-court play, who knows or cares). He then attacked the giant of Joel 1-on-1 after a second offense of hitting Jarrett Allen in the head, only for a Butler by the name of Jimmy to cheap shot him from behind.

The tales and legends grow with each passing day for Jared, but we need more. Being down 1-3 in the series isn’t good for the Nets of the borough of Brooklyn, but hopefully they will bounce back. After all, the Warriors themselves proved that nothing is safe when a team is up 3-1. So fight on Jared and the Nets! Us middle-aged looking dudes support your valiant effort against those gosh-darned youngsters!

…God that was cringe-worthy to write…

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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