Birmingham City Player Visits Fan in Paddy Wagon Who Was Arrested For Celebrating with Team

Everyone loves a good court storming. One man in particular in the Birmingham City crowd loves them a lot more than the rest of us and will do it regardless of whether or not we follow.

More of a court drizzle than anything else.

It takes some serious balls to be the leader of a field rush. What if no one follows? The whole “they can’t arrest all of us” mentality goes out the window. When there is only one of you out there, they can, very easily, arrest all of you. And that is exactly what happened to the Birmingham City superfan who rushed the field today after BCFC’s last minute, game winning goal.

The one man wrecking crew know as Jase Stokes did not have his celebrations efforts go unnoticed. He earned a visit and thank you from Birmingham City’s own class act, Che Adams, after the match. Take a look:

Streakers, while earning a rare chuckle, are always assholes. Court stormers and field rushers, on the other hand, are the kinds of fans that everyone should aspire to be. They are heroes and deserve to be visited by the players they relentlessly support in the back of the paddy wagon after the game.

From what it seems like in the tweet, Jase and Che already knew each other, but still, the point remains that these guys rule.

Author: Wic

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