Sunday Watch: GOT Season 8: Episode 1 “Winterfell”

Well since Thrones last Sunday officially made me confused, scared, and excited as it always does, I thought I would give my review on Episode 1: Winterfell, before Episode 2 comes out.

First off, what the hell. That was my reaction as well as excitement throughout the entire episode. So Jon and Daenerys are in Winterfell and Sansa is not about it. She’s giving that look like she’s gonna mess everything up as always. Arya is still a little thug thats playing with my guy Gentry’s heart, and Bran is still the creepiest character in all of film. Now, I thought this was a pretty ok episode especially to start off a new season.

Not a shocker but Cersei is still the worst. My unpopular opinion here however is that I actually love Euron Greyjoy. He’s the first villain in the show that doesn’t make my skin crawl. So back to what happened in the episode, Jon and the Starks Reunite in Winterfell with Daenerys and everyone else in the clan, including my favorite Tyrion. The spark is still there between Jon and Danny but things are not transitioning well in the North. People are mad that Jon is no longer King of the North and that they have to obey a Targaryen. Bad look for our girl Danny by storming in saying you all are mine now. Sansa is going to mess everything up I can feel it, she still has the ice in her veins that you can see when she talks to Tyrion. Jon realizes that Bran is not the same anymore and he goes off to ride a dragon and hook up with his new Queen/Aunt.

Arya is still awesome. Here is my next hot take, that dagger thing that she asked Gentry to make her, its to kill the Night King’s Dragon. Which would be so awesome but we will have to wait to see if that even remotely comes true. Our boy Sam is back and him finding out that Daenerys torched his family damn near made me cry, but he comes back swinging telling Jon that he’s a Targaryen and the rightful King to the iron throne.

The Night King is coming with a Fury and I can’t be more terrified then what the hell the symbol was on the wall with that dead kid. That 100% looks like the Targaryen symbol. Is he saying he wants Jon? Danny? Who and what is his motive. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM?

I know this episode had a lot more that I left out but without getting bogged down in every detail of the show, I wanted to hit some key points that I could see being important. However, this is my hottest take of them all.

In the first Season Robert Baratheon says that his family and the Starks would be joined together, everyone thought this to happen with the marriage of Sansa and Geoffrey (RIP but not in peace). I think that Arya is going to marry Gentry who is Robert’s actual son even though he is a bastard, and that the words Robert Spoke will actually come true. Every week I am going to change my mind on who is going to end up on the iron throne because this show is mind bending, but right now I think it will end up with Arya and Gentry on the throne, Tyrion still being the hand, and everyone else pretty much dead. Maybe Sansa and Tyrion get back together but that’s a stretch.

If you have your own theories or takes on what is going to happen, leave a comment or tweet at me @soft7pork as well as follow our account @soft7sports and I will give a shoutout to my favorite one on the next post. Winter is here and I can’t wait for tonights episode.

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