DeMar DeRozan Has Had Enough with NBA Officiating

NBA officiating has been under fire for the last couple of seasons now. While they can’t get every call right, the least they can do is be consistent. Judging by the calls the James Harden gets versus the calls Spencer Dinwiddie gets, the consistency aspect hasn’t been working out too well. As mad as I get as a fan, I can imagine how the players feel.

In the Spurs Nuggets series, we got a glimpse of how frustrating the officiating can be. It’s the Playoffs and the players are performing at a higher level than ever. The referees need to also be at peak performance. But, alas they were not in Game 4 and DeMar DeRozan had had enough. Check out his reaction to this offensive foul call.

Just chucks the ball at Scott Foster. I don’t care whether you think the move is too petty or whatever. I think it is absolutely hilarious. Make the refs stay on their toes a little bit. Until this play, the most backlash was they got was from a wannabe Brian Windhorst tweeting mean things to the NBA referee account. Gotta be better ways to hold officials accountable though.

Obviously, DeRozan was ejected which led to a 117-103 loss tying the series at 2-2.

All things aside, this was actually a 100% correct call.


Author: Wic

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