The Pussification of Baseball

Yesterday during the White Sox Royals game, Tim Anderson slammed a ball well over the fence. He then spiked his bat and no one really batted an eye. Flash forward to his next plate appearance, he’s drilled. Okay cool, that was expected and that’s how Anderson reacted. In the video, Royals catcher Martín Maldonado is seen talking to Anderson and he gets Anderson to make a signal towards the pitcher (Brad Keller) showing that they’re cool and Anderson understood why he got hit. Unfortunately, that led to a benches clearing brawl.

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I say unfortunately because benches should not clear during that. Everyone understands that Anderson was going to get hit, but hey benches cleared so cool, awesome. Baseball fights are never fights, so when the Royals and White Sox stormed the field the grounds crew just continued to rake the field. But during the scuffle, the managers got tangled and Cowboy Joe West felt the need to interrupt a manager hitting another. The scuffle ended but that isn’t the problem… it’s the “baseball purist.”

I hate people who say “I hate bat flips” or “players should not show emotion.” To put it short, FUCK that. Baseball is a game of emotion. Joey Bats drilling the go ahead homer against Texas and then having the ultimate bat flip is what I live for. He knew damn well he’d be hit eventually by the Rangers, and he did. Players do this because it’s a new era. One where emotion can carry a team just as far as talent, just ask the 2013 Boston Red Sox. And why the hell do pitchers act so innocent when they hit someone. Just own it and say “yeah walk it off, bitch.”

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Still the coldest pimp job

If people have such an issue with bat flips, then make sure your pitcher doesn’t throw it where he can pimp it. It’s an unwritten rule of baseball, you hit a homerun and pimp it, you’re getting drilled next at bat. I knew that when I was 8. Everyone in the majors do. That’s why when it happens, umpires issue warnings not ejections. I’m sick and tired of the pussification of baseball. Let’s the players pimp, let the pitchers beam. Who gives a damn.

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