Gronk Put a Dent in the Lombardi Trophy by Using It as a Baseball Bat

It has never been a matter of if, but a matter of when Rob Gronkowski would do something ridiculous to dent the Lombardi Trophy.

If I had to put money on it, I would have thought he would dent it by Gronk Spiking it off the duck boat or biting it to see what it tastes like. Boy, was I wrong.

Gronk and his fellow Super Bowl champion teammates were set to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game. Since none of them had thrown a baseball in some time, and understandably so, they decided to get some warm up tosses in. With the Lombardi Trophy on hand, some players decided to pretend to use it for some practice swings. Jokingly, of course. No one would really try to use it as a bat right? WRONG.

Gronk gets his turn to hold the trophy and creates a batter’s box for himself. No one really thought he was going to swing it, but when he squares to bunt, a hush falls over the crowd. A loud “tink” breaks the silence. AND…

The Patriots even made a short documentary about it:

So who is to blame here? Personally, I think it is anyone, but Gronk. His teammates had to know that he would eventually do something stupid with the trophy. This is his third Lombardi trophy after all. The Pats were on borrowed time since his first. I think the person who gave him the trophy and the person who threw the pitch are equally culpable.

Author: Wic

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