From the Top to the Bottom

The 2019 MLB season is well underway and there is already one huge shock… The Boston Red Sox. Flash back a year ago and the Red Sox are sitting at a 17-2 record and they end up posting 108 wins while winning the World Series. This year, completely different. They currently sit a 6-13, just got swept by the Yankees, and have yet to win a series. In fact, their ace recently stated how embarrassed he was of himself and the organization as a whole. So I must ask, are the Red Sox about to collapse?

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Let’s start with their best player, Chris Sale. What has happened to him? He has a 8.50 ERA that actually went down after he gave up 5 runs against the Yankees on Tuesday. His average MPH has dropped 4.1 MPH from 95.2 to 91.1. His max velocity is 96.8, down four MPH from last season (99.9). He has allowed a career high .462 batting average against opponents, last year it was .179. Now this is the big kick… opponents slugging percentage is 1.308, yes you read that right, 1.308. Slugging measures the amount of bases a player records at bat, last year Sale’s was .321. Lastly, opponents swing and miss only 1.3% of the time while last season it was 16.5%. Sale has struggled to say the least. To show how bad his season has truly been, he is 0-4. Last season, through 27 games, he only had four losses.

The Red Sox issues are the same issues they had last season, their pitching. They currently have a 6.09 ERA. They have given up a league leading 114 runs. Eovaldi has struggled as well, but not as profound as Sale. But let’s not harp on their pitching too much because their offense also has been awful. In fact, they currently have a -42 run differential, the worst in the league. They are 17th in total offense and 29th in pitching. Last season, they were 1st and 4th respectively. There are a ton of issues in Boston right now, but the World Series hangover does exist. When they last won the World Series in 2013, the following year they did not make the playoffs and had just an atrocious season. I predicted this would happen, it always does in Boston.

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So to end, I hate Boston and I’m so glad they’re struggling. Maybe this will wipe the stupid smirk off of Cora’s face and then see him packing his bag in a few years. Bye bye, Boston.

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