John Daly Hustling Dudes at a Putt-Putt Course Is the Most John Daly Thing Ever

John Daly. The out of shape, cigarette smoking, Hooters’ regular proves every day why he is still the man even at 52 years of age. This time, you can catch him at your local putt-putt course hustling New Balance-clad suburban dads by the windmill.

We have all dreamed about randomly running into our favorite athletes out in the wild. We all think we will recognize them immediately, but here is the thing about John Daly: he does not look like an athlete. Fat athletes are my favorite, and John Daly doesn’t look anywhere close to the part. Probably why he was able to take every jean short wearing father of 3 to the cleaners.

Daly nails the final putt, collects his cash and gets on his RV to either head back to Hooters or snag some new ridiculous pants.

Image result for john daly pants collage

Author: Wic

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