Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson Will Keep Name in Draft

UPDATE: Tyler Herro has decided to remain in the draft. This completely stuns me to be honest. I never thought Herro would go pro even though he might be the most successful from last season’s squad. Nevertheless, Kentucky will be fine next season. Quickley, Hagans and then add Maxey, Brooks, Allen, and Whitney. Kentucky will be fine, it’ll just be another year where the end of the year has us playing the best. Go Cats

Original: What began as a glimmer of hope, ends in what everyone was expecting. Keldon Johnson declared for the NBA draft last week, but left open the idea of returning if he wasn’t expected in the lottery. Well, he got what he wanted… according to Kentucky Sports Radio, ” Johnson likes what he is hearing from the league and the chances he comes back to UK are slimmer than slim to none.” They also added that we will likely hear from Johnson soon, telling us what they are reporting. Oh well.

Look, no one thought Keldon would come back or at least I didn’t. He is the one player besides PJ that 100% belongs in the draft and will be a very versatile player in the league. But what about next year’s Kentucky team?

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Matthew Hurt, Kentucky’s last chance at a top recruit, has cancelled Calipari’s in home visit ahead of his decision on Friday. Hurt also cancelled Duke and UNC, but his father said it was going to be too hard to fit everyone in. This is not a good sign for Kentucky, or is it..? Matthew Hurt is a PF who can shoot and would definitely help Kentucky out next season, but this gives me a feeling that Herro will return. Kentucky will need a shooter, an elite scorer, to be good next year and there is no one better fit than Tyler Herro. This is all speculation, but I think Herro returns. And the last time Kentucky returned two of their starting guards? 38-1. This time, let’s make it 40-0.

Author: Juice

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