First Time Bettor Wins $1.19M on Tiger’s Miraculous Comeback

Apparently, some Nevada and New Jersey bookmakers did not have faith in golf’s prodigal son, Tiger Woods. What kind of moron did not thing that he would win? Couldn’t be me. I definitely don’t owe Porkchop $100 for betting that Justin Thomas would win a major before him…

As it turns out, a lot of people owe a lot of money for Tiger’s miraculous comeback. William Hill U.S. Sportsbook in Las Vegas in particular had Tiger’s chances at 14-1.

One lucky bettor saw a golden opportunity and, making his first bet ever with that company, placed $85,000 on Tiger to win his fifth green jacket. Now, William Hill must pay out a $1.19 million which is the single largest golf ticket in the company’s history. This is just the fourth time they have ever had to make a 7-figure pay out.

William Hill was not the only sportsbook that felt the pain of doubting Tiger. BetStars in New Jersey reported a $360,000 net loss and even the SuperBook in Vegas reported as “high 5-figure” loss on their Masters Tournament bets.

Now, I really don’t have a problem with sportsbooks having Tiger’s odds super high or people doubting Tiger, again couldn’t be me. I do have a problem with the jabroni that won the million. What in the world was this guy doing placing what could have been his first bet ever on a guy who couldn’t walk last year in the amount of $85,000? I would have been losing my mind.

Author: Wic

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