It’s finally happening. After what seems like centuries of waiting, we have finally come to the beginning of the end. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, do yourself a favor, stop reading and go do something useful with your life like watching Game of Thrones.

Thrones is everything to those of us who love this show. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t read any of the books and don’t plan to. Not a big reading guy over here, but the show is just so in depth and so fantastic (not to mention its past where the books go to) that I feel there is no need to read it. Game of Thrones is set in the land of Westeros where 9 families have been battling for the Iron Throne for all of time. Now, however, through White Walkers (ice zombies), dragons, and war, all has changed. You have all of the families fighting for power and in the end there really can only be one true King/Queen of the north.

Quite possibly the greatest tv show ever made, Game of Thrones is a masterpiece that I refuse to believe it will disappoint in its final season. Now, I don’t have the time and neither do you to jump into all of the theories behind the last season, but I will throw out my personal theories that are based on basically nothing. Tyrion is going to end up on the iron throne. Sansa, John Snow, Daenerys, and Cersei all die. Night King is gonna get killed by someone other than John, all of the dragons will die, and that’s about all I got right now. I really wanted to make this brief because I will be reviewing each and every episode as they go.

Please send me what you think will happen. Drop some comments. Like I said, I am going to be reviewing all of the episodes of this final season as they go so they will be full of spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet.

Shoot me a follow on twitter @soft7pork as well as our main page @soft7sports and leave any comments for future reviews.

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