Caron Butler Showed Up to an NBA Broadcast with a Full Head of Hair Like We Wouldn’t All Notice

I probably think more about the state of Delaware than I do Caron Butler, but he has now occupied my thoughts for 90% of the last day.

Pulling a scheme right out of Carlos Boozer’s playbook, Caron Butler put his pride aside and showed up to the NBA Broadcast booth a full head of fresh lettuce despite the fact he has been bald since at least 2011.

Just like Charlie Villanueva, Ray Allen and others, if they showed up randomly with bad hair instead of no hair, they would get roasted too. No one took it easy on Carlos Boozer or Jason Witten and no one should go easy on Caron Butler either. He looks like his head ran out of toner.

But all this clowning of Caron Butler should make him feel good in a way. Judging by how he has been irrelevant in the NBA since 2015, everyone noticing his hair means that he is remembered by a lot of fans and he is immortalized to them. But then again, I am sure he is also fearing his next appearance on the NBA Broadcast in a couple days where they have an entire segment dedicated to tweets about his hair.

Just hire Boozer’s PR guy. He’ll get you out of this.

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