“Bench Clearing Brawl” at NBA 2K19 League

The “bench clearing brawl” is the biggest misnomer in sports. It is never the knockout punches we want or expect. Just two guys yelling while touching noses, a hold-back guy competition or some vicious chest poking. But captivating nonetheless.

The MLB pretty much has a monopoly over the bench clearing brawls, but now it seems like the NBA 2K19 e-Sports league is trying to get some skin in the game. Watch:

Fights after video games are not that interesting. My brother and I fought after ever damn one of them. What I am surprised by was the fact there was a handshake line. I thought e-sports-ers just messaged the other team “GG”.

The fight itself can only barely be called a fight, but that bench was ready to throw the hell down. What I am most interested in is how the brawlers are going to be punished. The tweet video above suggests a fine of 200,000 VC. While that would be hilarious, I think there is a much more stiff penalty that needs to be assessed. I think the two players involved need to have their MyPlayer rating reduced back to at least 70.

Author: Wic

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