Jordan Spieth Pulls off Incredible Trick Shot at Masters

There have been countless amazing shots in Masters Tournament history. Phil hitting from behind a tree to plant it solidly on the green and Tiger in his Sunday red with his amazing putt that sat on the lip of the hole for what seemed like an eternity are the first two that come to mind. Both displays of great skill, but nothing shows just how skilled of a golfer you are like a trick shot in a very serious situation.

Obviously, not a lot of trick shots are tried at the at the professional level much less at the Masters. The upside is pretty unremarkable compared to the disastrous negative effects it could have. But Jordan Spieth, with his balls of steel, took what will go down as one of the best trick shots in Masters History.

That ball succeeded where all humans not named Jesus have failed.

I aspire to have the amount of confidence that Jordan Spieth had right before he took that shot. One little slip up and he takes a two stroke penalty that probably ruins his chances that day.

Author: Wic

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