Fresh Start?

We are a week and a half into the season and it’s not going well for the Reds. Their offense has been virtually non-existent and it’s been a real shame so far, mainly because there were games they just needed 2 runs to win but it couldn’t happen. But that is the beautiful part of baseball. They’re 1-7 with a series beginning against the Marlins tonight. It’s not panic button time, yet. They need to win this series against Miami to remain relevant and to keep their fans involved… but I think they’ll be just fine thanks to Puig.

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When Puig came to Cincinnati, I didn’t know what to expect. He’s been a character his entire career, so what could he do to make me like him? How about fighting a single team by yourself because their pitcher threw behind a guy you didn’t know 2 months ago. That’s what Puig did and I loved every single second of it. Puig is a very passionate player, everyone knows that. But to see his passion go towards standing up for a teammate he literally did not know 3 months ago, just shows how tight the team atmosphere is in Cincinnati.

Look, the Reds started horribly. They’ll even tell you that. But what Puig did provides a glimmer of hope. It’s a spark. The Reds did not win Sunday, but Puig and Bell may have given the team the fire they need. It was such a meaningless game where Dietrich pimped the hell out of a home run and deserved to be hit and every single person in the park knew that, but that did not stop Puig and Bell from sticking up for their teammate, their brother.

Y’all may think this is dumb but this is how baseball operates. There is undeniable spark that gets a team going, just like the Red Sox in 2013 even though it is completely different. I’m not saying the Reds will now win the World Series because of this, but I think it gets them going back in the right direction with a chance to go a big winning streak. It all starts tonight against Miami with our ace, Castillo, on the mound. Let’s get a streak started. Go Reds.

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