Chris Beard Won’t Be at Texas Tech Long

In just three years as the coach of Texas Tech, Chris Beard has taken the Red Raiders from stagnant mediocrity to one of the best teams in the country. Last year, Beard led TTU to the Elite 8. After losing 5 seniors from that team and being predicted to finish 11th in the Big 12, he defied all odds and took a band of scrappy blue collar players to the NCAA Championship.

This kind of performance and consistency has made Chris Beard one of the hottest coaches in college basketball. It is only a matter of time before a better program poaches him.

Yahoo! Sports

Let’s face it. Texas Tech is not a coaching destination. It does not matter how much money TTU offers Beard, he will leave for Kansas or Michigan State as soon as they realize how bad their current coach is. History repeats itself. No amount of money will keep a coach from their dream job. No amount of money could stop John Calipari from leaving Memphis for Kentucky and no amount of money could keep Roy Williams from leaving Kansas for UNC.

Texas Tech is the opposite of a coaching destination. It is the place that old coaches go before retirement and irrelevancy. Bobby Knight ended up there after he was ousted from Indiana and Tubby Smith went there after ruining Kentucky and Minnesota to destroy his chances of being hired by a real program ever again. Chris Beard isn’t going to fall into that stereotype though. He will go on to do great things… just not in Lubbock.

As of right now, the only programs with head coaching vacancies are Virginia Tech, Arkansas and BYU. None of which are worth leaving for, but I can see Syracuse, Michigan State and Kansas jobs becoming open very soon.

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