Morning Juice, Championship Edition

Welcome to the final Juice of the NCAA season. Tonight, we have Texas Tech and Virginia battling it out in Minnesota to see who will be crowned NCAA Champions. On the season betting wise, I am sitting at 77-41-1 which is 65%. Tonight, I’m bringing you 2 mortal locks for the Championship game to take to the bank. Let’s get it going.

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#3 Texas Tech vs #1 Virginia

The moment that everything comes down to, that everyone dreams about, is finally here. Virginia escaped Auburn on a controversial call with under a minute left, while Texas Tech ran away from Michigan State in the final minutes. With Chris Beard reaching his first title game, does he have what it takes? Does Tony Bennett have it? At this point, coaching does not matter, training does. These teams are to a point where they know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. They are both defensive teams with offensive sparks and I think it comes down to one player for each team. For Virginia, it is Kyle Guy. Guy hit 3 clutch free throws at the end of the Auburn game to claim the victory and he’ll need to be clutch again if they want to win. He’s averaging 15.2 PPG in the tournament and he’ll need at least that tonight. For Texas Tech, Jarrett Culver is their Guy. He’s averaging 18.6 in the tournament and if he wins the battle against Guy, Tech wins this game. He’s bigger than Guy, so look for him to use that to his advantage. Texas Tech is averaging 72.6 points per game while allowing a mere 55.7. Virginia is averaging 71.1 and allowing 58.6 points per game. Texas Tech has the advantage in this game. I think they win 71-64 with Virginia cooling off at the end of the game just like Auburn. Now with Texas Tech and Virginia playing, I have ALWAYS taken the under. Well, Vegas figured out my strategy and they placed the over/under at 117 which is just absurd. To win, take the over. Both teams will get to 60 at least otherwise this game we be awful. I can’t see God letting that happen. Take Texas Tech +1 and the over 117 AND parlay all of that with a Warriors over if you want a chance to actually win some money.

I hope everyone enjoyed this weekly blog. Morning Juice was something I really enjoyed writing and we had the highest of highs and some very very low points. I’m going to try and start something for baseball gambling, but I need to research some more, so look for that in June at the earliest. But thanks for riding, let’s go win our final 2.


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