LaVar Ball Says Zion “Can’t Hold a Candle” to LiAngelo

Now that the Big Baller Brand website has gone dark amid company shut down rumors, LaVar Ball is looking for anything to get the media’s attention away from his failing business. And the media genius himself has done just that.

In a recent interview with TMZ, LaVar Ball said that his son, LiAngelo, would be taken first overall in this year’s draft if he was available. Yes, before Zion Williamson. Lavar says, “He ain’t no big baller… He’s a Williamson. Williamsons ain’t stronger than Ballers.” He even said that Zion “can’t hold a candle” to LiAngelo. WATCH:

This would definitely be a hot take to anyone else, but for LaVar Ball, this one is on the lazier side. He seems to be following the Big Baller Brand steps to get the media to overreact:
Step 1: Figure out who the best basketball players are
Step 2: Pick one
Step 3: Call TMZ
Step 4: Say you or your son is better than that basketball player.

Come on, LaVar, you’re getting too predictable. Where is the fire? Where are the empty promises and blind guarantees?

Ball also said in the interview that LiAngelo will be in the Summer League this year and guaranteed that he would have an NBA contract. On top of that, he goes on to say that LiAngelo is the biggest and strongest 2 guard in the NBA.

Business insider

There it is. I knew he had it in him. That’s the LaVar we all know and love. So, LiAngelo is not available for the draft, but will make a Summer League roster and be so impressive that he ends up receiving a contract. I understand believing in your kids and having confidence in their abilities, but at what point does it just become a publicity stunt?

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