The Virginia/Auburn Officials Called a Perfect Game

“Auburn got robbed!” “The refs missed a double dribble!” “I am really stupid!”

These are all things that people that legitimately think that there was a missed call at the end of the Auburn-Virginia Final Four game have said.

No, the refs did not have Virginia winning their bracket pool, no they didn’t bet on Virginia, no they don’t have it out for Auburn in any way. They called the closest thing to a perfect game that we have seen all tournament. The last 10 and most crucial seconds were called as consistent and concise as any other call at any other point in the game.

This is the play in heated conversation. Yes, by letter of the law, it is a double dribble. BUT the officials on the floor don’t have slow motion replay, a rule book in front of them and a CBS contract to be the “well actually” douchebag on stand-by. If you want to get into missed calls, I can get into missed calls. How about the chest slap and jersey pull missed foul before Jerome touches the ball again? What about that War-eagle/Tiger fans?

That double dribble would not have been called at any other time in the game. You have to respect the consistency of the officiating crew.

Basically, complaining about a missed call after the fact or claiming that it was the only moment that changed the game is just petty and stupid. Auburn did not have to let Virginia go on a 10-0 run before their comeback, they could have made another free throw and they certainly did not have to foul Kyle Guy in the corner.

Wanna claim letter of the law on the double dribble? You have to claim letter of the law here. You have to give the shooter the opportunity to land. This was an easy call. Even Auburn’s resident incoherent lunatic, Charles Barkley, said so.

The same people that are claiming there was no foul on the Kyle Guy’s three point attempt are the same people that yell “ball don’t lie” when anyone else misses a free throw afterwards. But somehow this doesn’t apply when Kyle Guy drops his concrete nuts on the table and drains three in a row even when Bruce Pearl calls a timeout to ice him.

Chicago Tribune

Auburn got beat. It is as simple as that. The referees called as close to a perfect game as they possibly could. The clock has struck midnight on this Cinderella story.

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