Michael Avenatti Accuses Nike of Paying Zion and His Mother

Take this with every grain of salt imaginable due to the fact that Michael Avenatti is currently being accused of extortion, embezzlement and fraud by the very organization he is accusing. Read that story from CNBC here.

In recent weeks, Avenatti has come after several Nike schools trying to expose illegal recruiting methods. He has named Arizona for their recruitment of Deandre Ayton, Oregon for Bol Bol, and UNLV for Brandon McCoy.

He has laid out his “findings” about the 3 players in a recent tweet with a link to a PDF via Dropbox.

We all knew where Avenatti’s never ending crusade to take down Nike was going to end up. I will not get into his opponents in the past, but he loves to go after the biggest names. Now, he is going after the biggest names in college basketball: Coach K and Zion Williamson.

Avenatti even claims that he has some proof of fraudulent payments to Zion’s mother to secure his commitment.

Yikes. Zion is no stranger to these kinds of allegations either. In October, it was discovered that a Kansas assistant coach was caught on an FBI wiretap discussing a price tag for Zion’s commitment.

Look, I want to see Duke go down in flames just as much as everyone else, but if Nike is arranging payments for Duke, Arizona and Oregon, they are doing it for all of the other big programs too. I won’t believe it until I see some hard evidence.

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