The Reds’ Matt Kemp Is an Absolute Genius

For the last 6 months that I have been a lowercase “b” blogger, I have been trying my absolute hardest to become a baseball fan. Particularly, a Cincinnati Reds fan. So, yesterday I sat down to do what was previously impossible to me for the first 23 years of my life… watch a full 9 innings of a regular season MLB game.

The Reds vs. Pirates game on April 4, 2019, was everything that I feared it would be. A pitching battle. Tyler Mahle pitched a brilliant game, but sadly his relief was nowhere near what it needed to be.

As the Reds entered the top of the ninth down 2-0, they needed a spark. Playing baseball for 10 years, I know that no idea is too crazy in regards of where it comes from. The Reds’ spark came from Matt Kemp pinch hitting. Say what you will about his at-bat, but I think it was absolutely genius.

Pittsburgh’s Vazquez threw a dumpster fire of a pitch that landed a solid foot in front of the plate. Kemp swung. Maybe Kemp is that bad, maybe Vazquez has that good of a breaking ball or maybe Kemp knew exactly what he was doing. Kemp struck out, but reached first on a wild pitch. Real heads up move if you ask me.

This led to a double by Jose Iglesias which put runners at second and third with only one out. And the Reds blew it.

Since I am just starting my Reds fandom, is this something that I should expect all the time? Should I prepare to be disappointed? Let me know on twitter at @Soft7Wic and while you’re at it, throw us a follow @Soft7Sports.

Author: Wic

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