Tom Izzo Loves March So Much, He Won’t Even Touch April

Tom Izzo has done it again. While bringing at least a smirk back to every Kentucky fan’s face, he has brought another Final Four appearance back to East Lansing.

Izzo did the unthinkable. He slayed the mighty beast that was Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. Most importantly, his win over Duke is finally calling into question Coach K’s coaching ability and how it was possible that he did not win the title with his “best team ever”. April fools, K’s job is just as safe as when he won the championship in 2015.

When you think of what coach deserves the title “Mr. March”, you have to have Tom Izzo in the discussion. In his 20 year tenure at Michigan State, he has now punched a ticket to 8 Final Fours. Izzo owns March. He loves it, he is committed to it, he is MARRIED to it. So much so, that he would never dare do anything that even resembled cheating on it with April. Tom Izzo simply can’t close.

Keep in mind that Izzo has only won 1 NCAA Title. That was 19 years ago. Imagine if certain other coaches of blue blood schools had that kind of record. Gotta hand it to him thought. That shows some real dedication to have a good enough team to make it that far, just to choke away all of your hopes and dreams.

Can’t help but assume Izzo will remain faithful once again this year.

Author: Wic

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