Kentucky Offers “No Hot Seat Ever” Contract to John Calipari

Death. Taxes. John Calipari on the hot seat. Year in and year out, Kentucky and Calipari has one of the best recruiting classes. And every year that Coach Cal doesn’t take that team to the championship, we get the same boring take: is John Calipari on the hot seat?

Absolutely not. But, hey. Gotta fill air time with no Zion or LeBron until next October.


With how bad of a coach the media makes Calipari out to be, it’s strange that there are respected programs that want him to be their head coach. According to Seth Davis of the Athletic, UCLA has offered Coach Cal a 6-year, $48million contract.

In response to UCLA’s interest, it has been reported by Bleacher Report and the Athletic that Kentucky has offered John Calipari a lifetime contract. Cal already makes $9.2million a year and that is only going to go up with tenure. The offer also reportedly has a clause that will allow him to stay with the team after he retires as a paid ambassador.

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So, what does this mean? To me, it says Kentucky will get a top 5 recruiting class until God says so. I assume most of the “paid ambassador” work will be recruiting. Next, it takes John Calipari off the hot seat for good. Not that he ever was, Kentucky would never fire him (case and point), but the media loves to say that. This offer will surely get them to stop saying that right?

No. They’ll say it again in June when Kentucky doesn’t have a lottery pick.

Author: Wic

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