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End of an Era?

Everyone this morning seems to be jumping on the “I hate John Calipari” bandwagon and it brings the question, why does no one act this way towards Coach K?

Coach Mike Krzyzewski had brought in the greatest recruit ever… for the media but they seem to forget Anthony Davis but whatever (not mad). Coach K brought in Zion and attached him with two other top 5 picks in RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish and mixed that with 2 other top recruits in Marques Bolden and Tre Jones. A team that was the favorite from the beginning, did not even make the final four. I know what you’re saying and I know Kentucky also failed, but Coach K should be questioned for his loss more than Cal’s yet he’s not.

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In the last 4 years, Duke has had Zion, RJ, Reddish, Bagley, Giles, Tatum, and Ingram. You know how many titles they have? Zero. Any clue on how many Final Fours? Zero. Since 2010, only one coach has 30 NCAA wins and 300 regular season wins, Coach K right? Wrong. John Calipari. You can bash Calipari all you want and he deserves it, but Duke has had the better team year in and year out. They have absolutely nothing to show for it. And for the 72 year old, what’s next?

Duke is bringing in a decent class next season but not what they’re used to. The era of one and dones is coming to an end and as Coach K said yesterday, “College basketball isn’t ready for that.” The whole landscape is going to change. Top players will have no reason to come to the NCAA when they can get paid instead. I was a firm believer that Coach K would retire if Duke won and I think that could still happen. He is arguably the greatest coach in NCAA history and he took over the one and dones. He bashed it for years but he overtook Calipari in that category. If it switches back, what else does he have to prove?

Look, Coach K is a failure this season. This team should have been as dominant as Kentucky in 2012 but they weren’t. Krzyzewski has lost it. Every year he has surgeries and every year he fails in March. He is one of the greatest, but even the greatest need to hang it up sometimes. I’m not saying Krzyzewski sucks, I’m saying the game has surpassed him and it shows this season. Duke should have never lost. You had 3 top 5 recruits as well as a former #1 and an elite point guard in your lineup. You had the best college basketball player in years and he did all he could. But sometimes you finally have to look the guy who leads the team in his eyes and say “maybe they game has passed you up.” Because when it comes to Krzyzewski, it has.

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