NCAA Basketball

Can Someone Please Remind Nick Richards He Is 7 Foot Tall?

All of John Calipari’s most successful teams have one thing in common: they have an elite shot blocker/rim protector. Coach Cal has had his fair share of 7 footers in his time at Kentucky and they have all served him very well. Names like Karl-Anthony Towns, Nerlens Noel, Willie Cauley-Stein (who played football in high school) and Demarcus Cousins are just a couple that come to mind. Throw in Anthony Davis too cap off the list of incredible shot blockers.

Then there is Nick Richards. Gotta love the kid, but instead of reminding us of AD and Boogie, we get reminded of guys like Skal Labissiere. Maybe that is a little harsh, especially since Nick Richards has had his moments of greatness with 15 boards against Arkansas and 19 against SIU.

Creds: UK Athletics

Disappointingly though, he only averages 1.3 blocks per game. AD averaged 4.7 blocks, Nerlens had 4.4, Willie (who played football) and Towns got 2.2 and 2.3 respectively. He is having a little bit of a problem and I think I know what it is. Nick Richards legitimately forgets he is 7 foot tall.

We have seen Nick Richards play extremely well. He dominated in those two games I mentioned above and ran everyone out of the gym in the Bahamas this past summer. I assume those were the time that he became lucid and showed us what he was really capable of.

UK Athletics

Someone needs to remind him of how tall he is before tonight’s game versus Houston. With no PJ and Reid Travis battling a knee injury, Nick Richards knowing that he is 7 foot tall will be crucial to Kentucky’s success.

Yes, I realize he is listed at 6’11”, but that doesn’t flow as well. Close enough.

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