The New Day Secures Kofimania, Plus One Women’s Title?

Last night on Smackdown, Vince McMahon gave Kofi Kingston one last try at his dream Wrestlemania. In a surprising turn, it was no longer in Kofi’s hands but Xavier Woods and Big E. Vince announced that if Xavier Woods and Big E can win the Tag Team gauntlet match, then Kofi would be going to Wrestlemania. At first I didn’t understand why he’d involve Big E and Xavier, but it all makes sense.

The New Day has always been about one thing: family. That’s what they are or that’s at least what they portray. The best thing about them? They’re the one tag team that has not been broken up and that’s mainly because the WWE Universe just loves them together more than they would separate which is a key reason we want Kofi to win the title. Vince sees this as an opportunity to put over an underdog but he may also see it as an opportunity to split up the New Day. Now, I don’t know what Vince has in store for Wrestlemania, but anything less than a Kofi win would demoralize the entire WWE.

Last night Vince portrayed Kofi as the underdog… again. He even had the entire locker room come out and celebrate with him afterwards. But the thing that was the coolest wasn’t even Kofi earning his shot… it was the Usos. During the gauntlet match, the Usos gave a speech on how Kofi deserved his shot and then they just forfeited. We’ve seen the Usos and the New Day in some amazing battles, but at the end of the day it is all about respect and that is what the Usos did. I’ll attach the video, but Kofi is finally going to Wrestlemania and I could not be anymore excited. Let’s move on.

Image result for charlotte asuka

Last night, for some odd reason, Asuka gave Charlotte her Wrestlemania rematch even though she won in the first place. Fine, whatever but why last night? The Women’s division has never been better, but WWE is giving us the same people night in and night out. A title unification makes sense but what to do with Asuka? Personally, I hope she feuds with Becky after Becky wins the Title at Wrestlemania, but please do not ruin the Triple Threat match by adding her. Asuka is amazing and I do think she can do some big things in the WWE, but the storyline with Flair and Becky and then Becky/Ronda is just too damn good. Adding Asuka would be a mistake.

In the meantime, here is a bold prediction. Xavier Woods and Big E will beat the Usos at Wrestlemania and all of the New Day will be crowned champions. Or so I hope. We’re almost a week away, let me know your thoughts or if you have any bold predictions.

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