The Person Who Wins Your Bracket Challenge Pool

The NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge is the biggest scam that every sports fan falls for every single year. We get a group together and pay our dues to see who knows college basketball the best. But here is the thing about the bracket challenge though: the person who knows the most never wins. EVER.

Here are the kinds of people that win your bracket pool every year. Basically, it is anyone but you.

Mascots over Everything
No basketball analysis, no caring about seeds, no caring about players, coaches, record, etc.; just mascots. One type of person fills out their brackets based on who would win in a fight between the two mascots while the other picked UMBC because they like Golden Retrievers or UC Irvine because the nickname “anteaters” really made them laugh.

Cheryl from Accounting
Cheryl isn’t a real person, but it is the man or woman that is the quintessential example of some who is just here for a good time. They enter the office pool because it’s fun to fill out a bracket. They don’t keep up with basketball, won’t watch more than two games, you’ve even heard this person refer to basketball as “shooty-hoops”, but the worst part is that they don’t realized they are in the lead until the Final Four.

Barack Obama
Not necessarily referring to the 44th president of the United States of America, but also not not referring to him. I am talking about the homers who will blindly pick their favorite team to win the title completely disregarding all the matchups. Who do you think Obama picked? Who do you think (almost) every Kentucky fan chose. Who do you think the son of the Assistant Athletic Director of Louisville wrote in? Sad thing is, they are winning their pools.

The guy who knows nothing about sports
Ya know that one friend that always bows out of every sports debate? The guy that only states facts never opinions or tries to make a joke out of every sports argument. This the most dangerous person to enter a bracket challenge with.

Your buddy’s girlfriend
We have all been there. You have 9 people in the group, everyone puts up $10, but you want the pot to be at an even $100. One of your friends pipes up and says that his girlfriend can make one. So, she does and then runs the table. And the worst part is, it was your idea to get one more person and you finished second. That has happened to all of us, right? Anyway, I hate you, Sarah.

You’re right. This article was probably written by someone who is nowhere near first place in all 6 of the pools he entered.


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