Sunday Watch: Us

Well, I’m officially scared to look at anyone and anything the same way that I did before watching Us. This might be one of the most original movies I have ever seen and honestly, I loved it. Funniest part is, I saw the movie and hour ago and as I walked out I genuinely couldn’t tell if I loved it or hated it. It was like when you get in a car crash and immediately just have to process everything that happened and wrap your brain around it. That was me in a nutshell.

If you somehow have avoided every TV screen, social media outlet, or pretty much any other device we all use everyday and haven’t heard about Jordan Peele’s second film “Us”, let me give you a quick and very broad synopsis. Adelaide Wilson as a child encountered “herself” while walking away from her Dad who lovingly paid no attention to his young daughter and focused on playing Whack-a-Mole on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This is the start of the horror that Adelaine carries with her constantly feeling she is being chased by herself. As the movie progresses you see that she isn’t the only one with a counterpart.

As you can see from the trailer, the family has their own carbon copy, and their fight for survival and understanding is what drives the main plot. Now that’s about all I want to dive into because it really was a phenomenal film and I want as many people to see it as possible. I will warn you however, go into this with an open mind. This film is deep, there is a lot to take in, a lot to understand and process rather than just blankly staring at a screen and waiting for cheap jump scares. There’s holes in this film, and thats what makes it great. There is so much to interpret and theorize and that alone makes the plot so much deeper.

What I will say about this movie is, if you don’t have a lot of patience, it will feel very slow at the beginning. The film starts by developing the story and the characters thoroughly, and I think that adds an intimacy that you can share with the characters. You understand them more than if they just told you their names with one flashback and then right to the action. I want and need to see this movie a couple more times because even after an hour of thinking about it, I start to picture scenes and say “wait did I see this? did this character do that? could they have…”.

This is what I loved about this movie. Not only the fact that I know there are dozens of easter eggs I missed because Director Jordan Peele added many into Get Out, but the fact that I have so many questions, so many feeling and uncertainties. It leaves me feasting to know more and to gain more perspective on the story. Next time I watch “Us” I need to bring a pen and paper to just see what all I can pick up on. I give this a 9/10 and want your opinions and comments on all things “Us”.

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