FTD: AL East Preview and Predictions

We are a week and two days away from the season beginning. I have previewed the NL West, AL West, AL Central, and the NL West. The NL Central will be released tomorrow and I will release my season predictions next Thursday, Opening Day.

To begin, Mike Trout just signed the largest contract in MLB/Sports History. It’s a damn shame that it happens to be in Anaheim and honestly if he wants to be considered the greatest ever, he messed up. He has been in the league 8 years, but has only made the playoffs 3 times. He is the most boring amazing athlete of our generation. Regardless, 12 years 430 million. Not like I called it or anything, oh wait… let’s get started.

Let’s be honest, there are only two teams that could possibly win the division: Boston and New York. So naturally, that is all I will talk about. Let’s get started.

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New York Yankees

Projected Lineup: Aaron Hicks CF, Aaron Judge RF, Giancarlo Stanton DH, Gary Sanchez C, Miguel Andujar 3B, Gleyber Torres 2B, Luke Voit/Greg Bird 1B, Troy Tulowitzki SS, Brett Gardner/Clint Frazier OF.

Projected Rotation: Masahiro Tanaka, JA Happ, James Paxton, CC Sabathia, Luis Severino (out till May), Domingo German, Gio Gonzalez, Jonathan Loaisiga

The Yankees may not have signed Harper or Machado but they did have the best offseason of any team out there. They traded for one of the most electric starting pitchers in James Paxton, while giving up one of their top prospects. They also signed JA Happ, Gardner, Sabathia, Gio Gonzalez, and Troy Tulo. Look, the Yankees did not need much to add to their lineup, but what they did add will win them the World Series. This year, they are a more complete team than last. Expectations for them are sky high. Aaron Judge said they’ll “crush” the homerun record they set last season but there is one thing that scares me… injuries. The Yankees have the best team in baseball, I do not think anyone will argue that. But, with the year starting next week they are already missing CC and Severino. They’ll be back but what the Yankees can’t do is survive with injuries. We saw how dangerous the Yankees were last season, then Judge got hurt. Injuries happen, just hopefully not long-term. The Yankees have the best lineup, best bullpen, and a top 5 rotation when healthy. They’ll finish 110-52.

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Boston Red Sox

Projected Lineup: Andrew Benintendi OF, Mookie Betts OF, JD Martinez DH, Xander Bogaerts SS, Mitch Moreland 1B, Rafael Devers 3B, Eduardo Nunez 2B, Christian Vazquez C, Jackie Bradley Jr OF.

Projected Rotation: Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, Nathan Eovaldi, Eduardo Rodriguez

The defending World Series Champions have a ton still left to prove. The last time the Red Sox won a World Series, they finished dead last in the AL East the following season. In fact, they’ve never made it past the first round in the playoffs after a World Series. They have the team to win it again… just kidding. As every team got better this offseason, Boston lost their closer and most of their bullpen. They only resigned Eovaldi. Their bullpen will cause them trouble all year long and with no Kelly or Kimbrel, they will not go too far. They only way the Red Sox reach the playoffs is if they sign a ton of relievers to enhance their bullpen. If they don’t, they will not survive the injury prone Chris Sale and David Price. I think they suck this season (for current standards) and finish a mere 90-72.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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