Think Ohio State Fans Are Annoying Now? Wait until the Browns Are Good

Never argue with stupid. Stupid will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. But really, no one wins Ohio State football arguments. Welcome to a day in the life of knowing way too many people from Columbus, OH.

You are thinking irrationally if you think there is something more irrational than an Ohio State Football fan. Wow, this is actually the longest I have thought about OSU Football and not had someone talk over me. Anyway, Ohio State fans are the worst. They are the ones who think they should get preferential treatment by the CFP committee, because their coach’s head hurt for a little bit. They actually think that Dwayne Haskins should have won the Heisman. They still complain about Joey Bosa getting kicked out the Fiesta Bowl for targeting.

That last one is absolutely true. OSU fans cited the fact it was “his last game in an OSU uniform” and “their feelings” for why blatant rule violations should be ignored.

Image result for joey bosa notre dame targeting
Sporting News
Find me an easier call, I’ll wait.

The question stands: could Ohio State Football fans get more annoying? If they had a good NFL team, would they split their attention to half OSU and half Cleveland Browns? Here’s the thing. There is no limit to their irrationality. They will be worse.

The Browns have made all the biggest moves this offseason. To help out Baker and the boys, Cleveland has added Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham Jr. on offense and Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon on defense. Surely, this will make the Browns a successful team especially in dilapidated AFC North.

With the new success will come more fans. Namely, Ohio State fans who have way too much pride in their godforsaken state. I would love to be able to cheer for the Browns, but the sudden influx of OSU fans will make them like the Patriots. A team worth cheering for, but also a fanbase nobody wants to be associated with.

I wonder if they will need a chant to remember how to spell “Browns”. Probably yes, since they need one for O-H-I-O. Careful, Buckeyes, this is one of those tricky 6 letter words.

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