Morning Juice, SEC QF Afternoon Games

Welcome back to the Morning Juice where we will be covering the SEC today. Tomorrow, we’ll do both the SEC and the major games going. Combined record is 51-23-1 which is still sits us at 69%… nice. Let’s get it going.

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Florida vs #9 LSU

This might be the best game of the day in the SEC. Florida has played LSU tight both times they played, including a 5 point victory at LSU. Now, Florida has been playing better every game they play, while LSU has sort of hit a peak. With Will Wade being absent due to the FBI investigation, the Gators have a chance to catch LSU off-guard. Florida averages 68.2 points per game while LSU scores 81.6. Florida’s defense allows only 63.3 points per game while LSU averages 72.9. This will have to be a defensive game if Florida wants to win. In a defensive battle, Florida will win just like they did in Baton Rouge…unless if LSU gets hot. Waters and Reid need to take charge and hopefully the off court distraction will not bother their mojo and LSU rolls 72-63. I’d take LSU -3.5 but that the over 133.

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#22 Auburn vs South Carolina

This has the chance to be a decent game; it just depends what Auburn and what South Carolina show up. Both of these teams are extremely spotty, but with Auburn on a roll after beating Tennessee, I fear they may be the team to beat in the top half of the bracket. Auburn is a lot like LSU. They can be explosive, but in a defensive game they may struggle, like they did against Kentucky. Auburn scores 80.1 points per game while allowing 68.6. South Carolina averages 73 points per game while allowing 72.4 points per game. Bryce Brown will be the X-factor for Auburn. If, and this is a huge if, Bryce Brown can get his shots to fall EARLY, then Auburn wins this easily. I’d take Auburn -7 and the under 147.

I’ll be back later for the Evening Games. Follow us on twitter @soft7sports so you never miss Morning Juice.

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