Kansas Football Being Investigated by NCAA

It has been officially announced that Kansas University is under investigation by the NCAA. Both Kansas Football and Basketball programs are named in the report.

I am not going to talk much about basketball, because I am all for gutting that wannabe program. I would love for their Final 4 and Big 12 Championships (that’s all they have) to be revoked and for Bill Self’s mediocrity to no longer be tolerated.

However, looking into the Jayhawk Football program is ridiculous.

Kansas Football flat out stinks. Always has, always will. The addition of Les Miles as head coach may get them to a bowl game or two, but nothing more. So, not only can they not play football well, they can’t even cheat well. A former assistant coach may or may not have violated NCAA rules under former coach David Beaty.

Who cares?

Normally coaches violate NCAA rules to get better results. Not 2-10 seasons. They are receiving no benefits. What program would pay a player, give impermissible benefits or even bend the rules for anyone that will only typecast them further into the “basketball school” mantra? Bottom line, if Kansas Football is breaking the rules, then everyone is breaking the rules.

Leave them alone, NCAA.

Author: Wic

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