Evening Juice, SEC QF Edition

We are back with another edition of Morning Juice and this time we have the afternoon games in the SEC. As a quick refresher, I went 3-1 in the afternoon session which brings us to 54-24-1. Reminder, tomorrow I will have one with the top games of the day, including the SEC semi-finals. Let’s ride.

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Alabama vs #4 Kentucky

This will be the best evening session game. The last time they played, Alabama won 77-75 in Tuscaloosa and it led to Kentucky winning the next 10 games. So for luck’s sake, I wouldn’t be mad if Kentucky lost but honestly there is just no way they lose this one. Kentucky averages 76.8 points per game while allowing a mere 65.2. Alabama is scoring 72.3 points per game while allowing 71.3. Kentucky has been playing since mid-February without their big man, Reid Travis. All of that leaves the window today as Reid will be playing, but it’s not certain if he’ll start. Kentucky will use the boost Reid gives them and they’ll win this game by a large margin. I’d say Kentucky 84-67. Take Kentucky -11.5 and the over 134.

Image result for tennessee basketball
Mississippi State vs #8 Tennessee

Tennessee has been solid all year long, but in games when all the eyes are on them, they haven’t done too well. I fear for Tennessee in this game, mainly because of the implications of a win. If they win, they set up the final round in the saga against Kentucky, but this time Kentucky will have Reid back. For this game, Tennessee needs to contain Weatherspoon. You cannot let him get hot, especially not in the SEC tournament. There is always one player who lights it up during the Tournament and he could be the person. I think this will be a very close game, but Tennessee will pull away at the end. I’ll say Tennessee 77-68. Take Tennessee -5.5 and the under 149.

We’ll be back tomorrow.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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