Serge Ibaka is a Coward

Since Twitter did its thing literally 5 seconds after the altercation occurred, there is no reason to go into the underlying currents around the Raptors-Cavs scufle that occurred. However, NBA soap opera drama must remain that way, so here we go…

Essentially, Ibaka went up for a layup, and Chriss went up to contest. It was not a hard foul, Chriss did not hit him hard. He tried going straight up and down, and unfortunately didn’t. He didn’t jump into Ibaka, and he wasn’t trying to hurt him. Ibaka fell down because of a strong contest, and nothing more. Ibaka then, for some unknown reason, stands up, rushes at Chriss, and proceeds to start choking him and throwing punches. Chriss, to his credit, did not try and fight back. He fully tried to avoid the conflict and actively tried to duck out of the way. It took multiple people to separate them, and Ibaka was still visibly angry. The issue I find with this is that, besides from the obvious one of Chriss not initiating it at all, Ibaka has been a historical bitch up until this point. What I mean by this is that way back when Ibaka wore a Thunder jersey (and was playing with the greatest trio to never stick together), he backed down from a surefire fight that was brewing on the court…

Image result for serge ibaka

Way back when Serge Ibaka was referred to as Serge I-Block-a, he committed a hard foul on a man who was crazy enough to change his name 4 times. The man Serge fouled was a certain guy who fought a fan during a game, and his name is (was? idk what his name is now) Metta World Peace. Serge took one step towards MWP, and Metta went charging at him like a feral dog. Serge not only backed down, but he was actively trying to get away from MWP. Even when MWP was being escorted out, he didn’t try and take any cheap shots or words at his back. However, now, Ibaka tried to prove that he is an alpha-level bully by going at a guy with his back turned when Metta has been retired for multiple years and can’t find him.

What a coward. I hate to now actively cheer against the Raptors in the playoffs, but I can guarantee that I will not be happy with Serge on the court at all. Hell, I may even hope he tweaks his ankle in a game. If you missed the video, here ya go.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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