Kofi Kingston Continues to Get Screwed

Sunday night at the most pointless PPV in the WWE year, Vince announced that Kofi would be partaking in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, but to his surprise it ended up being a 2 on 1 handicap match against the Bar. Not surprisingly, he got completely squashed and made himself even more lovable to the WWE universe. Big E and Xavier Woods tried to come to his defense, but they were knocked out by Rusev and Nakamura.

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Vince is a genius. He knows exactly what he’s doing with Kofi and honestly so does the entire WWE universe. Kofi will somehow get his shot at Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania and will deliver probably the best match of the night, behind maybe Becky, Ronda, and Charlotte. We all know Kofi will get his chance, but you have to love Vince resorting to old school him and squashing a fan favorite to build his popularity even more.

Now, I don’t know if Kofi will actually win at Wrestlemania, but he’ll get his shot at the grandest stage of them all. Even if he does win the title, he won’t keep it long because you can’t incorporate the New Day into a title picture unless you break them up which Big E could do with Kofi if he wins. There are tons of rumors, but the only one I hope is true is that Kofi wins the title at Wrestlemania.

When I first got into the WWE (thanks Alex), I used to always use Kofi on WWE16. Kofi was just the perfect wrestler to use due to his agility. We saw a glimpse of it against Bryan and truth be told, we’ve seen it every Wrestlemania when he avoids elimination due to his acrobatics. I have no doubt in my mind that Kofi and Bryan will put on a show, but I hope they don’t add anyone else. Those two can be unreal, but if they add Kevin Owens it would, in a way, be a rerun of Sunday Night by just switching Kofi and Mustafa Ali.

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Another thing about Vince’s story telling… Ronda interfering in Flair vs Lynch last night was amazing. Ronda punched Becky, this causing a disqualification to Charlotte and Becky winning and joining the championship match at Wrestlemania. What an amazing sequence, one no one could have guessed.

Lastly, just a stat to keep an eye on, Rusev has now lost 17 times in a row on a pay-per-view. That ties him with the Great Khalid for the most losses on a PPV in WWE history. No wonder he tweeted this…

PS… Fastlane sucked. If you watched it you knew. I just recapped the best parts for you. Now that it’s Wrestlemania season, I’ll update every week on matchups and what happens on Raw and Smackdown… see you then.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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